Friday, August 19, 2011

Mid August Check In

So it's been a while since I've posted, which seems to be a trend! I'm hoping to have a lot more coming within the next month and some so I can actually post some finished works that have been piecing together over the summer. Unfortunately, shooting for Bigelow's Banshee edit hasn't happened as much as we've liked, there have been some terrible days due to the heatwave and a lot of our plans to travel to parks haven't worked out between schedules, but we hope to get some stuff at Blue Mountain, Joyride 150, and a lot of numerous street spots so we can put something together. I'm optimistic about shooting so hopefully we can find the time to get some good footage, I haven't cut a biking edit all summer! Otherwise, I've been taking a fair amount of photos for people whenever I get the chance, some birthday parties and small events etc. Here are some of my favourite photos from the past month:

Keenan - turndown over picnic table.

Toys 2
Hot Wheels Leading the Way

In My Window
Doves outside my window.

Jacobs 1st Birthday
Jacob's 1st Birthday.

Pug Pup 2
Cousin's puppy pug, yet to be named.

Will Irwin - Table
Will Irwin - tabletop at Kiwanis


I've been working on a weekly basis with Brett gathering more and more footage for the 7 minute music video for Fight Sleep. Fairly happy with how it's been turning out. A lot of the influences stem from Sigor Ros music videos and other intimately shot emotional videos that we've found on Vimeo and other sources. The 50mm f1.4 Canon lens really is ideal for shooting this, as the fine aperture allows for some really cool looking shots. We're slowly but surely shooting all of the footage we want and will work to have it all put together hopefully early September. In the meantime we've been discussing putting together an electronic press kit, a short video that will have some of the final cuts from the music video as well as some commentary and 1 on 1 with Brett talking about his music and endeavours. We'd like to have this done in the next few weeks so he can have something to put up on his blog. My 8-4 job has been sort of slow this week, I even had time to set up a little dual monitor editing on my break ;) :

I've also still been working every once and a while with Shhadeh and Jaz compiling footage to prepare for the EP release this month. The two of them along with many guest artists have been slaving away in the beatcave coming out with some really really original sounding hip hop. I'm really happy to be a part of promoting them and having the opportunity to get a lot of behind the scenes footage and sneak peeks. We wanted to put something quick like a promo together to release before the album drops at the end of August, so after a night of shooting and a few days looking over footage I put together this little promo video to show a little bit of life in the studio and the types of vibes these guys have to offer. Here it is:


Lastly, did a bit of filming with a friend Thane, also a videographer who is currently working on a big project about his motorcycle tour along the rugged Northern Pass which him and a friend completed last year, filming along the way. Some supplementary footage was needed of the guys gearing up and driving around so we spent about 5 hours last week shooting with my Canon 60D, a 5D mark II, and a Panasonic HVX that we had wired with remote mics and a boom mic. We also used an awesome jib crane in the back of Thanes truck for the really smooth shots as the guys followed us on the enduro bikes. Once the project is finished, I will post it on here as my footage is only a tiny tiny part of a long project they've been working hard at. They plan on submitting the documentary to a few channels like History and Discovery as a non profit project, which will hopefully get them some airtime. It would be really cool to see it on television. Some of the footage may be useable for my portfolio reel in the future, I've backed it up on my hard drive.

That's it for now!

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