Monday, April 18, 2011

Last University Post... EVER!

So this will be my last post ever as a university student at Brock! I am graduating in the June convocation this summer and couldn't be happier. The last few things I have been working on this semester were a video project for Barry's class along with a supplementary paper, and then the trailer for Flint & Burt and the last few preparations for the presentation April 20th. Below I will post the video for Barry's class and the trailer, they aren't really anything special I just thought I should post them for reference.

'Video Gaming at a Glance'

Flint & Burt: Astrocity Homicide (Official Trailer 2011)

Other Things I've Been Working On...

I've been building a new wheel set up for my dolly to hopefully make it smoother and more compact. I'm also working on a motorized pan head that I can run very slowly with the camera. Trying to get out and take as many photo's and videos with Adam Sh as he's working on his new album and wants my help with album artwork photos and potentially a music video this summer. I will have some of these pictures up on here and Flickr as soon as they are used and approved. More posts to come soon.

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