Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Colin Heggarty & Ryan M Photoshoop & Rizzi's MTB Competition Video

This past weekend Rizzi's had it's last comp and all night jam before finally closing the park Sunday night. I had the chance to film the finals of the comp and some of the jam events so I put this video together with the footage I have. Really sad to finally see the park go ramps started to be moved out today. I will also be submitting this video for my final project in VISA 3P10 which will be presented on Thursday of this week. Hope you like it:

On Sunday after the all night jam I went back to Rizzi's to get some riding in myself and had the opportunity to use my remote flash for only the second time and take some photos of Colin Heggarty and Ryan Middel, local riders. I'm pretty happy with how some of them turned out these are the best of the bunch:

Colin Heggarty Tailwhip

Colin Heggarty Bar


Ryan Middel Slow Bar Take 3

Ryan Middel Truck 2

For Duncan's 2P98 class we had our 'mARkeTing' event at the market square downtown St Catharines and it went pretty well. We went along with our classic fresh vegetable soup kitchen idea and had a sort of cooking line happening with each of the 4 of us assigned to a task. We served every last bit of soup we had prepared and made on site and the people were very receptive to the free soup and said it was delicious for the most part. I saw some pictures being taken, not sure if I will get my hands on them if so they'll be up here.

I plan to finish my video game experience video project for Barry's class next week, I will have updates posted then.

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