Thursday, March 24, 2011

Summer Wishlist

At the moment I'm looking at a few items I'd like to get to get ready for the filming season and summer weather to come. I'm looking at a few different fisheye lenses for my Canon 60d, I can choose between the Vivitar 7mm or the Rokinon 8mm , which both approximate to a little over $300 to purchase. I think it will open up my filming abilities with biking stuff big time as a I can range between it, my fixed 50mm lens and my zoom lens.

I'm also exploring options to record sound, and after looking at a few Rode and Sennheiser shotgun mic's and reading some shitty reviews about sound interference with the Canon's, I'm starting to be sold on the Zoom H4n sound recorder which I can use with or without my Canon with it's stand alone directional mics. Again, this item goes for about $300 so I won't be able to get it until I'm working full time again. I really would like to experiment with doing some great sound work in pair with video so I can expand my horizons. I've read a lot of greta reviews on the Zoom H4n on it's own and with DLSRs so I think for the reasonable price it's worth checking out.

The last item I'm looking at, although it's something I could probably make on my own is the Opteka Grip which I would likely modify with a light and potentially an extra side grip for stabilization. This will help me when working free hand with the camera since I've noticed the DLSR especially using lenses without image stabilization have a tendency to shake. Here it is:

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