Thursday, March 3, 2011

'Perception' - IASC 2P98 Assignment 3

We were asked to take a video tradition and interrupt it somehow. Duncan gave a broad example of types including skate videos so I thought a biking video would be appropriate. For some reason I can't figure out why FCP 7 squashed my quality and didn't export in HD for Vimeo. It's nothing special anyway but it's supposed to be like an epic style biking video trailer made to the music from Inception and playing the title off of it as well. I've never seen a biking video really cut like a movie trailer, especially not in the tone of this. Hope you get a kick out of it, slowing it down as it was shot in 24fps makes it look very shitty as well...but it was for the effect. The password to view is 'yes'.

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