Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lama Cycles Feature & Final Project Ideas

So Lama Cycles . com used my photos of Bigelow's Prototype Soda frame for a bike check they put up last week. Here are the photo's they used:

Bigelows Soda Angle 1

Bigelow Soda Angle 3


Now, moving on, I have 3 major projects due next week as finals. The first being the final video project for Donna's class, which is going to be an edit for Corey Muller as long as everything goes well, if not I was thinking about doing something on the bike shop or around London since thats where I will be on my final weekend to shoot. The second project is for Barry's 3P90 class, where I need to use any medium I choose to draw something from the course readings in our 'Video Game Theory Reader 2' textbook. I want to do something with video, obviously, regarding player experience and emotion while playing video games. I already have some footage compiled of people playing games and I intend on filming some more at the games room at the school and anywhere else I haven't filmed people gaming. I may resort to some found footage to finish the project. I hope to either do a write up or actually narrate the video to draw comparisons and insights. The final project on the docket is Duncan's 2P28 final installation piece. I have teamed up with 3 members of my class to do something for this project. Since we are calling it 'mARkeTing' and having it at the market square downtown St. Catharines, we thought about doing something involving homeless awareness and services since the project needs to deal with something relevant to the downtown core as well as the local food scene. Simon had the idea to actually cook fresh soup at our installation in a soup kitchen style, which we want to pair with some audio and visuals to outline the idea of the St Catharines street scene. My task is to record various sounds from throughout the downtown core and mash them appropriately to create a looping track that can be played from our booth. Not really sure how this project will turn out with everyones ideas coming together, but working in such a big group for this project will be good experience in time management and problem solving so hopefully we come out with something cool. I'd like to film our booth potentially.

I will have links and videos up for all of these projects once they are done and the summer begins. Woohoo!!!

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