Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Flash Test, Filming with Rizzi, & NS Bikes Poster

So to start off, I'm super stoked to find out that NS Bikes did in fact use my photo for Bigelow's poster this year at the Toronto Bike Show. I got a sample picture of one signed from Jake V. This made me so happy to see! NS spruced it up with their logo's and another pic by Tyler S. to complete it:

This past weekend I ended up filming with Rizzi at his skatepark to complete my documentary project for Donna's 3P10 class. It was a lot of fun as I spent most of Friday and Saturday at the park filming odds and ends and talking to some of the kids and Tyler about the park. I'm currently editing the video right now as it's due Thursday, it will be up on Vimeo and linked to here by then. I have a fun set up going on for editing with FCP 7, I have my 27" LCD TV monitor hooked up to the laptop with the Mini DVI to VGA adaptor. It's helpful as I have my canvas window full screened on the TV so I can view the video as I go along rendering.

Last thing I worked on this weekend was testing out my remote Speedlite at Rizzi's with some action photos. I'm happy with how soem turned out as it was my first test even though many of the shots aren't framed properly or are of anything significant. Here are a few:




Thats all for now!

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