Thursday, March 3, 2011

Andrew Bigelow Photoshoot

So I'm really stoked, a local rider from Ingersoll, Ontario I know has been coming up in biking ever since I've been interested. In the past year I've had the chance to ride with him and shoot while he does some amazing riding. It's been a good chance for me to practice with the Canon 60d and put my skills to the test as he's a fast rider and throws some massive hammers down while riding.

Recently he told me that NS Bikes (the international company he rides Pro for) liked some of the footage from the past weekend and needs some more in the future for their website as well as potentially some photo's and one for the Toronto Bike Show to be made into a poster that Bigelow will sign at the booth this year. He asked if I could try and shoot this photo so I did my best and came out with basically 2 options for the photo, the vertical shot being the most ideal for a poster. I however was a little bummed out that it wasn't as clear as I wanted as I was shooting at an indoor skatepark with minimum lighting and no available flash. We set up two halogen work lights to the side of the box jump and faced them up in attempt to sharpen the photo but it didn't do much. It's a bit grainy when blown up but looks great any size between small and 8 x 10" Here's the photo:

Andrew Bigelow

Bigelow ended up being pretty happy with the photo and said that NS was as well, hopefully they use it for the poster or something, I'd be stoked. Big thanks to Bigelow for giving me the chance to practice hopefully I will have some edits and photos up as the Spring and Summer come along and I have a more chance to shoot.

Planning on getting a Canon Speedlite very soon which I can use on the hotshoe or remotely with the 60d which I think will really step up my indoor shooting abilities and let me experiment with using the flash outdoors and stuff. Also wouldn't mind picking up the Canon IS 50mm lens soon.

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