Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This week I have a lot of stuff on the go. I have an 'abstraction of the everyday' video project for Donna's 3P10 class due on Thursday which is a 2-3 minute edit trying to evoke emotion and abstraction through Final Cut Express HD filters and editing tools. I will be posting it once it is finished later this week. I started by filming some things out and about as well as around the house and juxtaposing them with filters and quick editing changes in order to create a sense of anticipation. I'm sort of happy with what I got out of it:

The second project I have on the go is a 2-3 minute audio mash-up for Duncan's intermedia class. I started by taking some samples from the Clockwork Orange vinyl I have as well as messing with some recording samples of the Beatles and the Animals. I'm looking for some sort of war on terror or terrorism news recording that I can put in the background of the erie samples and dark tones of the movie soundtrack. This isn't due until next week so I will be posting it after the critique in Mondays class.

My friend Adam approached me this week with a quick project he wanted to do for a present to his girlfriend for Valentines Day. He proposed playing a live acoustic song for me to film with my Canon 60d and cut with some other backup music he has produced for the song. He wanted to do it somewhere outside and cold so we found a place South of Brock campus and took 3 quick takes as the weather was crazy cold and windy. The video turned out alright other than some unavoidable wind noise that is clearly heard in some parts of the song. Adam was very happy with it as he wanted it to be genuine and simple. I will post a video up once it's uploaded. It was my first experience using some basic colour correction in Final Cut Pro 7 as well as attempting to align and level the two audio tracks Adam provided me with. It could definitely be perfected a bit.

The last project on my agenda this week was becoming familiar with Autodesk Maya 2010 to UV unwrap some models for the Flint & Burt project, texture them in Photoshop and reapply them to models in Maya. I will be applying the textures tomorrow to make sure they work properly with the UV's I unwrapped. I will post some screenshots of some of the simple models I took on for texturing. I did some concept drawing and texture searching on the side this week as well.

Hopefully once I get through these projects I will have some time to work on personal stuff as I'd really like to get some photo series' going and maybe some video series' as well. I'd really like to test the capabilities of the Canon. Thats all for now!

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