Sunday, November 28, 2010

3P97 Portfolio Plan: Week 8 & 9

The last few weeks of my portfolio plan have been dedicated to organizing everything on the website and in the corporate package for the presentation Dec 6th. Filming for the hip hop doc has finished and editing is almost done so it can be exported and added to the reel and website for the presentation. I had some draft business cards printed up by my step dad with a few stickers and such that I can handout at the presentation.

I'll have a new reel cut, based off the first potentially with a different tune to shorten it up to a minute or so. Tobias suggesting cutting a tune out of a song I saw suit fit in order to make that my own as well and shorten it up. I've been exploring this in Audacity with not a lot of luck, hopefully something comes of it! I want to keep the reel to a minute or under, with a detailed shot breakdown link available for viewers on the website.

As soon as the hip hop doc and new reel are up I will have links to them here. Really looking forward to the presentations and finishing up the corporate package and website so I can use it for reference to future portfolio updates.

For the presentation I'm going to use my website as a backbone as we are presenting in the Theater with a podium at NGen downtown. I'll begin with an introduction and showing the reel, and then go through more about myself and my goals as a freelancer and student and show more of my work individually, using the website to stay focused and on time. I will be using que cards for practice and maybe on the floor if I feel I need them to stay on time and focused. I don't want the presentation to run over 6 minutes, so I limit myself to only 5 minutes of time to introduce myself, and explain my work since the reel will run 1 minute of the presentation.

That's it for now!

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