Monday, November 15, 2010

3P97 Portfolio Plan: Week 7

This week my plan was quite simple. I finished up most of the filming for the documentary, the rest of which will be filmed next weekend and completed for editing and finalizing. My plan called for ordering my business cards but I've pushed this out a week in order to get some ideas from Tobias' presentation involving branding and proper layouts etc. I hope to finalize my card and have some copies printed at Staples.

I started brainstorming ideas for my updated reel. I have a few video segments from new video projects and the hip hop documentary that I would like to include, and I want to shorten it up to only a minute or just over in order to avoid a long daunting reel. I will incorporate the reel fully into the space on my homepage where the image of the sun and my logo appeared. It will auto-play but is controllable by clicking with the mouse. I imported the file onto my server and found an html source code for embedding a borderless controllable video player. It works quite well.

The last task on my list this week was to finalize the cover letter, I'm still having it edited by a few people I go to for writing advice so it's not quite finished this week, but will definitely be finished and printed next week, the corporate package is almost complete.

That's all for this week!

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