Monday, November 8, 2010

3P97 Portfolio Plan: Week 6

This week in my portfolio plan I had a few very simple tasks, purchasing my domain and server space for and make my website live. An continue filming for the hip hop documentary as well as beginning a draft for a resume cover letter for Pat Small at 3M Canada Media Arts.

Good news! The website is now LIVE! Check it out:

I was able to purchase the domain name '' for 3 years for only 30$. The server space was purchased through Execulink Telecom whom has been doing hosting for my step dad for years without problems. It costs about 18$ every 3 months, so less than 100$ a year. I'm really excited to get some updates going on the website in the near future to spiff it up a bit and get it ready for presentations in December. I was able to incorporate a 16 x 16 pixel mini logo which appears in the web browser address bar and on tabs in most browsers, it's a small 'm' part of the original logo on my website and blog etc.

The business card is now finalized since the domain has been purchased and locked down, it will remain the same as it was in the last blog posting if you want to get an idea of what it looks like.

Over the weekend I continued filming for the documentary with Hayden into the late hours of Sunday night. A long night of filming was just what was needed so we got a lot of the filming done so the last parts can be filmed next weekend and Adam and Hayden's new apartment (so long as the move goes well). I've begun uploading footage and trimming it down to the desired time line which I drew up last week.

That's it for this week!

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