Sunday, October 10, 2010

3P97 Portfolio Plan: Week 2

This week, the plan was to have decided on a web layout for my new portfolio site to be built upon. I ended up finding a simple HTML web layout at that I used as a base and modified in Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop. I've begun to upload everything to the site and redesigned the homepage using the corporate identity as much as possible. I'm testing out having my reel in a small box near the top of the homepage, potentially to have it as the homepage focus instead of the image. Below is a screenshot of the homepage so far:

Screenshot of the rough draft homepage for my portfolio website.

The second task was to create a filming schedule and begin to film for the hip hop documentary over the Thanksgiving Holidays. Unfortunately, I was not able to begin filming over the Thanksgiving weekend as Hayden and Adam (the two who I will document) were unable to film because of family affairs. However, filming has begun since and the documentary is well on it's way to being finished by the end of October.

The last task of the Oct 4-10th week was to finalize a corporate identity or in my case a logo. I decided to stick with my signature as a base point but I wanted to build upon that and create something a little more fun. The design hasn't changed since last week but it's incorporation will be seen with the website and the business card in next week's blog posting. More next week!


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