Thursday, March 18, 2010

Photoshop of New Bike Build

This summer I'm planning on building a 24" wheel street bike using a lot of NS Bikes parts and to start a Deity dirt jump seat I recently ordered to initiate the build. I'm still searching for a lot of parts for it and deciding whether I want to ride rigid or get forks (the Pike's are pretty pricey). Here's a parts list of what I'm thinking so far:

NS Suburban frame - black
NS Fundamental Rims 24" - shiny orange (2)
NS Rotary Rear hub - silver
NS Rotary 20mm front hub - silver
NS Proof bars - silver
NS Quark stem - black
NS Aerial Pro pedals - silver
Rock Shox Pike 454 - black
Shwalbe Crazy Bob HS 356 - 24"

I'm also building a tripod dolly for filming and I've got my eye on a Sony AVCHD video camera that's going to cost me around $800. Hopefully I'll grab it within a few pays at work this summer. I'll have pics of the dolly up soon!

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