Tuesday, March 9, 2010

3F00 Progress, Paper Mache Masks, and a bunch of papers to go along with it...

So this week has been eventful so far, I started on my paper mache mask for STAC 2P94, which I'll be finishing this weekend and uploading pictures of to share on here. It's going to be finished quite simply as the assignment includes an acted part so I actually have to use the mask. I used a foam head from work to start the mold.

Casey and I have made A LOT of headway on Anatomy Online. All the models are finalized and in their proper positions. We are going to make new bases and finish up the content regarding slides and audio objects. All of the exhibits are scripted to turn slowly to allow a better view of it, we are both happy with how its turning out. The website is near finished but I'm not sure where to host it quite yet, once that's figured out I will have a link up. Below is a screenshot of the Anatomy Online building at night in Second Life.

Front of Anatomy Online at night as of March 6th, 2010

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