Thursday, January 28, 2010

Second Semester of My 3rd Year

So second semester is on it's way with me now, last semester went well. I ended up with a 78% in Donna's web class and German is doing well (hopefully I can finish up with a good grade as well). Casey and I's second life project is coming quite well, we have started to design a website and Casey is beginning to work on the initial anatomy molds and designs. Much more progress will be made this term as the focus is to finish the game simulation. I've begun a STAC 3P01 class with Donna Szoke again this year and I am enjoying it quite a lot. It's very insightful to contemporary art and the roots it breaks and build on in order to incorporate science and technology into art allowing a much more interpersonal and sensory experience with art. Much different from classic beliefs of viewers having a certain distance from the artifact.

I'm also in another STAC class that focuses more on performance art and 'art beyond the artifact' as the instructor says. It's been quite dry from me so far since it's just been improvisation and deconstruction of performance styles.

Below are some screenshots of the Anatomy Museum we are building on the Brock Second Life island, it's bare so far but the frame of the building is build and will continue to gain detail as I take more control of decorating and creating a visually appealing center.

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