Saturday, December 5, 2009

End of 1st Semester

So after the end of first semester, there's not a whole lot to show portfolio wise, but there has been some good headway on Casey and I's 'Second Life Anatomy Museum'. The idea started with making life size recreations of parts of the human body like an eye or a hand. It ended up being the idea for our game or simulation creation project because we didn't feel Second Life really gave us the parameters to create a 'game' in.

The models will likely be created within Second Life but possibly also with Maya 3D Software and then imported into SL.

The final website I handed in for Donna's class only had a few Flash elements added to it like some 3 state buttons and a few animations to enhance the idea of recycling and awareness. It's pretty random still but some people in class enjoyed it.. maybe you will.

My VISA2P95 Website

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