Tuesday, November 10, 2009

IASC 3F00 Impressions & VISA 2P95

So far 3F00 has been pretty good! To be quite honest I enjoy the readings because they bring a lot more focus to seminar time. And in the end give us a lot more input that we can use for our own projects.

Casey and I have teamed up in our game design project to make an 'augmented reality museum/tour', where we design a museum with huge larger than life models of pieces of the human anatomy. Casey is going to focus mainly on the building structure and anatomy parts, and he wants me to focus on some of the documents and details throughout the project. I'll upload sketches soon.

Donna's flash class is going alright, we had to make a basic website in Dreamweaver and apply CSS. Utilizing roll overs and basic buttons she wanted us to design a site that was conceptual different interactively. Below is the link to this site:

My Conceptual Site

I don't really like how the site is right now but hopefully it will get better. Flash is really f****** frustrating, but I intend to spend some slow time with it to make some stuff that might help me feel it out more.

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