Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Max/MSP Motion Patch

So I've been working on a patch on the side helping someone with their Max/MSP experience... It's a patch which reads motion from a webcam that creates a bang message once passed by a certain threshold of motion, these bangs cue different images in the image window below the webcam feed. As you can see the webcam feed is split into 5 frames using the jit.scissors object. Here's what the patch looks like when it's not being run....

In the below video you can see how the patch works.....It opens your webcam feed using the jit.grab object, and the split 5 video windows track the motion by contrasting it to black and white....the output value of movement is sent into the 'past' object where once it passes a certain amount of heavy movement in the certain it sends a frame which cues a new picture of Gumby in a different stance. This video is a bit choppy cause it's screen cap but you get the drift.

It needs to be tweaked but for not knowing shit for this program a few weeks ago I'm feeling pretty confident that I'm picking up on it!


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