Monday, March 30, 2009

Casey & I's Installation Max/MSP Patch

Casey and I have been working on a Max/MSP patch for our final project in 2P10, it is going to be a set up where four corners of a picked up feed from webcam will be 'triggers' that can set off a video to play in the main screen in front of them. We intend to make the corners activate with the light spot of a flashlight, which will act as the sort of interruption of normal use of the flashlight. This follow the theme of the project well. So far we have a patch that has 4 corners set up to play video's when each detect movement on the webcam...the video plays once through and will not loop or start over if the same corner is set off, another corner must be triggered before the one you already triggered can go off again. The same applies to all corners. Here is the patch and what it looks like so far:

Andrew, our Prof, has suggested we look at the cv.jit object more importantly the blob object, that will read the light from the flashlight better because motion won't really read light, and our patch likely won't work the way we want it to. Hopefully class this week will be productive!

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