Thursday, February 12, 2009

Max/MSP Patch experiencemares

So this new class called 2P10 (mandatory for an IASC major) utilizes a graphical programming program, called 'Max/MSP' which utilizes graphical representations to program almost anything you can think of, but more simply for us video and audio is being manipulated. I have a pretty over ambitious idea as for what I want my final project to turn out like, but for my early tutorial presentation I developed a simple movie player, which allows you to use only the keyboard to open, play, pause, and clear a quicktime file in the 'owl' viewport in which the video's play from.

The second part of my patch basically mashes together 4 jit.qt inputs using a random and metro commands to set rate and speed of the bangs that go through to the 4 buttons....each time a button is pressed by the random bangs a different video file is outputted into the quicktime window. There is no real significance to all of this yet, but I hope to tweak it all for my installation piece (final course project).


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