Monday, November 5, 2007

Before & After Web 2.0 Life

Life Before & After Web 2.0

- I chose for the first picture to be of me in a social and normal day to day environment with other people and everyday items. I am socializing with a friend while playing with a basketball which in somewhat symbolizes entertainment, as the binder on my friends lap symbolized work and collective ideas as we are sharing an intriguing conversation.
- The picture is bright and inviting as the conversation appears to be open and happy.
- On the other hand, when you look at the “after” image, you get a sense of cold, enclosed space surrounding the computer. My back is turned to the camera so you also get a sense of not being involved, while the computer holds purpose for almost everything one needs (or thinks they need) to take care of their needs and keep an image out for themselves without even having to leave home.
- Each of the logo’s or symbols serves for a use the computer takes, and what we use it for.

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