Sunday, November 25, 2007

Assignment Five: Animation Concept!

For my inspiration I enjoyed the following animation because it was simple, yet fun and engaging for the short time it plays. It was also appealing because it was not a very fancy flash animation, and looked like something that i could be able to come to par with. Here's the link:

For my actual animation concept, I had the idea to take something simple and make it interesting. Possibly, using a line that draws itself, and a character onto a blank white page. Using the flash tools I learned about from class and the tutorials, I want to create a simple animation where a man pops a hole out of the screen and jumps out, scratches his head, picks up the piece he carved out, and jumps back in once again covering the hole. I think using just black and white this animation could look very cool and entertaining while staying simple.

Below is the rough storyboard for my animation:

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