Monday, October 22, 2007

Assignment 4: Audio presentation

The audio bit I chose for this assignment is titled "Improvisational Noize" by Serj Tankian. Serj Tankian is the lead singer for a very controversial and political hard rock band, but his artistic expression can be found in many of his personal compositions as well. The way that he choses to address the political views in the piece by distorting and filtering his voice through the many synth instruments showed a good manipulation of the sound to overlap the chaotic sound with the repetitive political messages. This piece was influenced me in a few ways, when I originally started playing around with sound clips for my audio composition projects I recorded the sound of TV news channels being flipped through. When played back, the constant barrage of political newscasts in the recording became present, and I decided I wanted to use this in my audio composition. Although Serj's "noize" does not appear to have any orchestral flow, the way in which he chooses to manipulate the sound creates a dark and almost frightful atmosphere. This along with the political messages makes for a very deep and interesting audio piece. Here is a YouTube link to the performance:

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