Sunday, September 16, 2007

Technology Assessment Assignment #2

Technology Assessment Due: Monday, September 17th, 2007

1. Here is a list of the media tools I’ve used this week:
- Cellular Phone
- Landline Phone
- Computer
- iPod
- Alarm Clock
- Interact Machine (McDonalds)

2. My cell phone is the device I chose to monitor for 2 days on the context of how much it annoys me.

3. What frustrates me most about my cell phone is the way in which the software on it works and how there are so many glitches. I’m also mad about the prices I pay for the service and the ridiculous phone bills I get some months.

4. My cell phone is literally used all day, but mostly checking for the time, or using it to call a friend when trying to manage my way around campus or from residence to residence. The time of day in which it’s most used would have to be the evening because that’s why I normally take time to meet up with people, call home, or maybe text a friend.

5. When using my cell phone I rely on my physical and hearing abilities, because all I really have to do it listen for it or wait for a vibrate which tells me I have a new message or call waiting. I also have to use my hands to input numbers or text, depending on the situation. I suppose I am somewhat relying on my cognitive abilities to some degree, because the mental process I go through when I feel my cell phone vibrate or hear it go off is quite repetitive and I am in the habit of responding to the device when it does go off.

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