Friday, August 19, 2011

Mid August Check In

So it's been a while since I've posted, which seems to be a trend! I'm hoping to have a lot more coming within the next month and some so I can actually post some finished works that have been piecing together over the summer. Unfortunately, shooting for Bigelow's Banshee edit hasn't happened as much as we've liked, there have been some terrible days due to the heatwave and a lot of our plans to travel to parks haven't worked out between schedules, but we hope to get some stuff at Blue Mountain, Joyride 150, and a lot of numerous street spots so we can put something together. I'm optimistic about shooting so hopefully we can find the time to get some good footage, I haven't cut a biking edit all summer! Otherwise, I've been taking a fair amount of photos for people whenever I get the chance, some birthday parties and small events etc. Here are some of my favourite photos from the past month:

Keenan - turndown over picnic table.

Toys 2
Hot Wheels Leading the Way

In My Window
Doves outside my window.

Jacobs 1st Birthday
Jacob's 1st Birthday.

Pug Pup 2
Cousin's puppy pug, yet to be named.

Will Irwin - Table
Will Irwin - tabletop at Kiwanis


I've been working on a weekly basis with Brett gathering more and more footage for the 7 minute music video for Fight Sleep. Fairly happy with how it's been turning out. A lot of the influences stem from Sigor Ros music videos and other intimately shot emotional videos that we've found on Vimeo and other sources. The 50mm f1.4 Canon lens really is ideal for shooting this, as the fine aperture allows for some really cool looking shots. We're slowly but surely shooting all of the footage we want and will work to have it all put together hopefully early September. In the meantime we've been discussing putting together an electronic press kit, a short video that will have some of the final cuts from the music video as well as some commentary and 1 on 1 with Brett talking about his music and endeavours. We'd like to have this done in the next few weeks so he can have something to put up on his blog. My 8-4 job has been sort of slow this week, I even had time to set up a little dual monitor editing on my break ;) :

I've also still been working every once and a while with Shhadeh and Jaz compiling footage to prepare for the EP release this month. The two of them along with many guest artists have been slaving away in the beatcave coming out with some really really original sounding hip hop. I'm really happy to be a part of promoting them and having the opportunity to get a lot of behind the scenes footage and sneak peeks. We wanted to put something quick like a promo together to release before the album drops at the end of August, so after a night of shooting and a few days looking over footage I put together this little promo video to show a little bit of life in the studio and the types of vibes these guys have to offer. Here it is:


Lastly, did a bit of filming with a friend Thane, also a videographer who is currently working on a big project about his motorcycle tour along the rugged Northern Pass which him and a friend completed last year, filming along the way. Some supplementary footage was needed of the guys gearing up and driving around so we spent about 5 hours last week shooting with my Canon 60D, a 5D mark II, and a Panasonic HVX that we had wired with remote mics and a boom mic. We also used an awesome jib crane in the back of Thanes truck for the really smooth shots as the guys followed us on the enduro bikes. Once the project is finished, I will post it on here as my footage is only a tiny tiny part of a long project they've been working hard at. They plan on submitting the documentary to a few channels like History and Discovery as a non profit project, which will hopefully get them some airtime. It would be really cool to see it on television. Some of the footage may be useable for my portfolio reel in the future, I've backed it up on my hard drive.

That's it for now!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Clarissa Anstee

So I finally had a quick chance to take a few pictures of my wonderful girlfriend Clarissa. She's always taken great photos for me whenever I ask so it was about time that I took some for her (since she's been asking ever since I got my Canon). It was really really windy when we went to the spot I first had in mind so there were only 2 shots that really turned out how I wanted them to. I did a small amount of touching up and colour correcting in Lightroom 3. Here are the two best shots:


Clarissa 2

I've been piecing together more of the two music videos I've been working on, but I don't have any teaser or sample stuff ready yet to show.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


So I've been really busy in the weeks since my last post. I've managed to do a good amount of work with Adam(Sh'hadeh) and Brett (Fight Sleep) for the two music video projects I took on for the summer, as well as get some photos in. I've been working with footage I shot with Brett in Iona, ON last week for the video of the untitled song he's suggested for this project. So far so good, I want to spend a lot of time with the footage and compile more a lot more on our next day/night of shooting. I managed to get a few promo photo's for Brett while we were shooting on the beach in Iona. Here is a sample:

Fight Sleep

I want to post a sample of the video up but it would be way too soon!

In other news, I finally got my shit together and got a Ford Ranger like I've been talking about doing for a few years now. It's a 2000 but it's pretty mint the previous owner took very good care of it and barel put 100,000km on it so it's still running like a champ. I took a few photo's of it tonight after I was done cleaning it up. Here's what turned out:


I've been slacking on finishing Colin's GoPro edit because Final Cut was being so finicky with the un-transcoded footage from the GoPro, I could barely get things synced and now it seems like all the quality is getting mashed during export, it's really nothing special at all other than Colin's awesome riding!

Had the chance to try something new this week, I was volunteered to operate one of 3 live camera's a 3M Canada's Gala 2011, I worked with a large Panasonic broadcast camera facing center of the stage. We were directed via headset for a period of about 4 hours (with short breaks) and our footage was controlled by the director and displayed accordingly live on the 2 large projected screens beside the stage. It was an interesting experience, but I was glad to get the chance to work with a different style of camera and pace of shooting.

Thats all for this post.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

June Check In

So the summers started and I officially graduated from Brock University with my BA last week. It feels good to be finally done. I've been working full time since I moved back to London so I haven't had as much time as I would like to get out and shoot a lot. I've managed to keep filming with a few side projects for friends, two of which involve full length music videos. I'm trying to challenge myself and really make these projects come out as good as possible. These will hopefully be available within the next month or so.

I've been taking photos here and there but again not as much as I would like to with all the work I've been doing during the day, but I have had a couple turnout, I was taking photos of a friend Kody in Ingersoll at the skatepark, I was playing around with my flash some more trying to get different effects. These are my two favourite shots:

Kody Pinder

Kody Pinder Tailwhip

Another one that turned out:

London Airport

I've only done one video since the last post it's just a few GoPro clips for Kody on the same day we took the photos:

I have a lot of footage compiled for Sh'hadeh's first music video, hopefully the song is mastered soon so I can start piecing the video together. I assume it's going to take some time as both myself, Adam, and Chad are going to be very picky about how it looks before we release anything. I may have a sample to post in a month or so. I will be starting to shoot for the Fight Sleep video very soon.

Thats about all for now, hopefully I can look at buying a new lens for the Canon soon I want to look into either fisheye or wide angle, but money is tight. I just had to grab a 2TB Kingston external hardrive for just over $100, which is pretty reasonable and it works great. I'd still like to invest in a big external monitor to hookup to the Macbook, buying a new iMac (which I really want to do) is just not in the cards right now.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fight Sleep Visuals

I've been asked by a really close friend of mine to come up with something visual for this song he's written, performed, and recorded. This post is more just a reference for myself, more to come when the video is up.

Find more artists like Fight Sleep at Myspace Music

Monday, April 18, 2011

Last University Post... EVER!

So this will be my last post ever as a university student at Brock! I am graduating in the June convocation this summer and couldn't be happier. The last few things I have been working on this semester were a video project for Barry's class along with a supplementary paper, and then the trailer for Flint & Burt and the last few preparations for the presentation April 20th. Below I will post the video for Barry's class and the trailer, they aren't really anything special I just thought I should post them for reference.

'Video Gaming at a Glance'

Flint & Burt: Astrocity Homicide (Official Trailer 2011)

Other Things I've Been Working On...

I've been building a new wheel set up for my dolly to hopefully make it smoother and more compact. I'm also working on a motorized pan head that I can run very slowly with the camera. Trying to get out and take as many photo's and videos with Adam Sh as he's working on his new album and wants my help with album artwork photos and potentially a music video this summer. I will have some of these pictures up on here and Flickr as soon as they are used and approved. More posts to come soon.

Monday, April 11, 2011

New Video Watermark Ideas

Since I did the signature of my name in the way I have always signed any art as the backbone to my 'logo' or 'image' for my portfolio class last term, I've been stuck on it and not wanted to change it at least not yet. I wanted to throw together something with audio that could be played before or after anything I create for the web etc. I took about 12 seconds of a really spaced out vibe at the end of one of my favourite tunes, mixed it around a bit and added it with the .png of my logo with 'productions' spelled in the manor as photography is in my other watermark. Here's how it turned out:

There is a good chance I will revamp my logo when I go at the website this summer, so tune in for updates.

Thursday, April 7, 2011 Updated

So after what felt like a pretty long second semester, I finally updated content and information on my portfolio website. It was much needed. Hopefully this summer I will find the time and drive to rebuild the website and spruce it up a lot. Check it out:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Check Out Jake V's Edit!

This is Jake Vanderweydens video form this past weekends competition, such a dope edit!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Colin Heggarty & Ryan M Photoshoop & Rizzi's MTB Competition Video

This past weekend Rizzi's had it's last comp and all night jam before finally closing the park Sunday night. I had the chance to film the finals of the comp and some of the jam events so I put this video together with the footage I have. Really sad to finally see the park go ramps started to be moved out today. I will also be submitting this video for my final project in VISA 3P10 which will be presented on Thursday of this week. Hope you like it:

On Sunday after the all night jam I went back to Rizzi's to get some riding in myself and had the opportunity to use my remote flash for only the second time and take some photos of Colin Heggarty and Ryan Middel, local riders. I'm pretty happy with how some of them turned out these are the best of the bunch:

Colin Heggarty Tailwhip

Colin Heggarty Bar


Ryan Middel Slow Bar Take 3

Ryan Middel Truck 2

For Duncan's 2P98 class we had our 'mARkeTing' event at the market square downtown St Catharines and it went pretty well. We went along with our classic fresh vegetable soup kitchen idea and had a sort of cooking line happening with each of the 4 of us assigned to a task. We served every last bit of soup we had prepared and made on site and the people were very receptive to the free soup and said it was delicious for the most part. I saw some pictures being taken, not sure if I will get my hands on them if so they'll be up here.

I plan to finish my video game experience video project for Barry's class next week, I will have updates posted then.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lama Cycles Feature & Final Project Ideas

So Lama Cycles . com used my photos of Bigelow's Prototype Soda frame for a bike check they put up last week. Here are the photo's they used:

Bigelows Soda Angle 1

Bigelow Soda Angle 3


Now, moving on, I have 3 major projects due next week as finals. The first being the final video project for Donna's class, which is going to be an edit for Corey Muller as long as everything goes well, if not I was thinking about doing something on the bike shop or around London since thats where I will be on my final weekend to shoot. The second project is for Barry's 3P90 class, where I need to use any medium I choose to draw something from the course readings in our 'Video Game Theory Reader 2' textbook. I want to do something with video, obviously, regarding player experience and emotion while playing video games. I already have some footage compiled of people playing games and I intend on filming some more at the games room at the school and anywhere else I haven't filmed people gaming. I may resort to some found footage to finish the project. I hope to either do a write up or actually narrate the video to draw comparisons and insights. The final project on the docket is Duncan's 2P28 final installation piece. I have teamed up with 3 members of my class to do something for this project. Since we are calling it 'mARkeTing' and having it at the market square downtown St. Catharines, we thought about doing something involving homeless awareness and services since the project needs to deal with something relevant to the downtown core as well as the local food scene. Simon had the idea to actually cook fresh soup at our installation in a soup kitchen style, which we want to pair with some audio and visuals to outline the idea of the St Catharines street scene. My task is to record various sounds from throughout the downtown core and mash them appropriately to create a looping track that can be played from our booth. Not really sure how this project will turn out with everyones ideas coming together, but working in such a big group for this project will be good experience in time management and problem solving so hopefully we come out with something cool. I'd like to film our booth potentially.

I will have links and videos up for all of these projects once they are done and the summer begins. Woohoo!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Summer Wishlist

At the moment I'm looking at a few items I'd like to get to get ready for the filming season and summer weather to come. I'm looking at a few different fisheye lenses for my Canon 60d, I can choose between the Vivitar 7mm or the Rokinon 8mm , which both approximate to a little over $300 to purchase. I think it will open up my filming abilities with biking stuff big time as a I can range between it, my fixed 50mm lens and my zoom lens.

I'm also exploring options to record sound, and after looking at a few Rode and Sennheiser shotgun mic's and reading some shitty reviews about sound interference with the Canon's, I'm starting to be sold on the Zoom H4n sound recorder which I can use with or without my Canon with it's stand alone directional mics. Again, this item goes for about $300 so I won't be able to get it until I'm working full time again. I really would like to experiment with doing some great sound work in pair with video so I can expand my horizons. I've read a lot of greta reviews on the Zoom H4n on it's own and with DLSRs so I think for the reasonable price it's worth checking out.

The last item I'm looking at, although it's something I could probably make on my own is the Opteka Grip which I would likely modify with a light and potentially an extra side grip for stabilization. This will help me when working free hand with the camera since I've noticed the DLSR especially using lenses without image stabilization have a tendency to shake. Here it is:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Week Re-Cap

So over the past week, I've been working on a ton of texturing for the factory level for the 4F00 game. I've also been slacking on brainstorming with my group for the installation project for Duncan's class. I'll have some screenshots of models up later this week.

I was home over the weekend and ended up taking some photos for a bike check that NS needs for Bigelow. Just a few angles of his prototype Soda slopestyle frame, sporting some new Geax tires which is a company he recently hooked up with. I will post the photos once I know they are used. I also worked on filming a quick edit for Tyler Rizzi at our local indoor park, I put together a quick edit for him as he broke his collar bone the following day, so we weren't able to get any more than about half an hour of riding footage. Check it out:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rizzi's Skatepark Documentary

So after a weekend of shooting at Rizzi's Skatepark in St Thomas, Ontario, I cut a short 5 minute documentary about the park for my 3P10 Final Cut Express Class. I'm pretty happy with how everything turned out, the 50mm lens looks awesome with video. I used music samples and loops from Garageband '11 which I think also work well. Check it out:

Hope you enjoyed.

New Bigelow Edit by Jake Vanderweyden

After watching this quick edit definitely take the time to check Jake V's website out and see some of the edits he's cut, some awesome stuff on there:

Jake V

This is a quick week recap he did of some of Andrew's more mellow flow riding, keeping it real and some footage from the photo shoot for the NS Bikes poster. Check it out!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Flash Test, Filming with Rizzi, & NS Bikes Poster

So to start off, I'm super stoked to find out that NS Bikes did in fact use my photo for Bigelow's poster this year at the Toronto Bike Show. I got a sample picture of one signed from Jake V. This made me so happy to see! NS spruced it up with their logo's and another pic by Tyler S. to complete it:

This past weekend I ended up filming with Rizzi at his skatepark to complete my documentary project for Donna's 3P10 class. It was a lot of fun as I spent most of Friday and Saturday at the park filming odds and ends and talking to some of the kids and Tyler about the park. I'm currently editing the video right now as it's due Thursday, it will be up on Vimeo and linked to here by then. I have a fun set up going on for editing with FCP 7, I have my 27" LCD TV monitor hooked up to the laptop with the Mini DVI to VGA adaptor. It's helpful as I have my canvas window full screened on the TV so I can view the video as I go along rendering.

Last thing I worked on this weekend was testing out my remote Speedlite at Rizzi's with some action photos. I'm happy with how soem turned out as it was my first test even though many of the shots aren't framed properly or are of anything significant. Here are a few:




Thats all for now!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Camera Stuff!

So as I said in my last post, I was looking at picking up a Canon Speedlite 430EX and the Canon f/1.6 fixed 50mm lens, so after receiving an awesome tax return I went in and grabbed the two things as well as an Energizer Lithium rechargable battery kit for the flash. I managed to figure out with not too much trouble how to activate the pop up flash on my Canon 60d as the master flash unit and set the 430EX as a remote slave unit, right away I started to realize how much better having a flash can really be. I don't have any great samples of the flash in use other than this one while I was testing it in my room:

I'm really stoked because the flash came with it's own little shoe stand which has a tripod thread on the bottom so I'm really looking forward to trying this out at the indoor skatepark and try and improve my action shots a lot. The fixed 50mm lens is pretty awesome as well, I'm struggling to get used to the fact that I can't adjust the zoom (obviously) so playing with the focal length has been a small learning curve. I have an example shot of my beautiful girlfriends eyes, it really doesn't emphasize the abilities of the lens which I have yet to discover but it does show the amount of detail and clarity of the image from such a small lens in semi-low lighting:

I plan on making some sort of short video edit with the 50mm Canon lens that I will put up as soon as possible. I've been quite busy this week with working on texturing and UV unwrapping so I will soon have some more screenshots of the models and hopefully the game levels as the rest of the team progress to finish for end of April. I also have been working on getting ready to shoot for the documentary project in Donna's class, more details on that soon.

Recently when I was home visiting my friend Adam, he found an old camera that he wasn't sure of in his moms garage buried in some old boxes from when he moved to Canada from California. He mentioned he had something I might like and when I arrive he gave me this, although it was covered in dirt, grime, and dust I could instantly tell it was something I could have fun with:

It's a 'Canomatic MF-70000V' which has an all plastic body, auto power and rewind so it runs on 2 AA batteries, the external flash runs on 4 AA batteries. It is a manual focus automatic motor film camera, that I can't seem to find any English history on. It has a manual focus 50mm lens on it, and takes normal film. I definitely plan on grabbing some rolls and seeing what I can get with it, the motor sounds very unhealthy yet the entire camera is a bit sketchy in itself. I'll put photo's up when I get the chance to shoot and develop. That's about it for this week!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Andrew Bigelow Photoshoot

So I'm really stoked, a local rider from Ingersoll, Ontario I know has been coming up in biking ever since I've been interested. In the past year I've had the chance to ride with him and shoot while he does some amazing riding. It's been a good chance for me to practice with the Canon 60d and put my skills to the test as he's a fast rider and throws some massive hammers down while riding.

Recently he told me that NS Bikes (the international company he rides Pro for) liked some of the footage from the past weekend and needs some more in the future for their website as well as potentially some photo's and one for the Toronto Bike Show to be made into a poster that Bigelow will sign at the booth this year. He asked if I could try and shoot this photo so I did my best and came out with basically 2 options for the photo, the vertical shot being the most ideal for a poster. I however was a little bummed out that it wasn't as clear as I wanted as I was shooting at an indoor skatepark with minimum lighting and no available flash. We set up two halogen work lights to the side of the box jump and faced them up in attempt to sharpen the photo but it didn't do much. It's a bit grainy when blown up but looks great any size between small and 8 x 10" Here's the photo:

Andrew Bigelow

Bigelow ended up being pretty happy with the photo and said that NS was as well, hopefully they use it for the poster or something, I'd be stoked. Big thanks to Bigelow for giving me the chance to practice hopefully I will have some edits and photos up as the Spring and Summer come along and I have a more chance to shoot.

Planning on getting a Canon Speedlite very soon which I can use on the hotshoe or remotely with the 60d which I think will really step up my indoor shooting abilities and let me experiment with using the flash outdoors and stuff. Also wouldn't mind picking up the Canon IS 50mm lens soon.

'Perception' - IASC 2P98 Assignment 3

We were asked to take a video tradition and interrupt it somehow. Duncan gave a broad example of types including skate videos so I thought a biking video would be appropriate. For some reason I can't figure out why FCP 7 squashed my quality and didn't export in HD for Vimeo. It's nothing special anyway but it's supposed to be like an epic style biking video trailer made to the music from Inception and playing the title off of it as well. I've never seen a biking video really cut like a movie trailer, especially not in the tone of this. Hope you get a kick out of it, slowing it down as it was shot in 24fps makes it look very shitty as well...but it was for the effect. The password to view is 'yes'.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bike Photoshoot

Today on my way back to St Catharines I stopped off the highway in Grimsby and walked down to the lake with my bike and camera. I found a decent spot to prop my bike even though the weather was really mild and I didn't trust going out onto the loose ice. I got two really good shots that i touched up a bit in photoshop. Enjoy.

NS Suburban

NS Suburban

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pre-Reading Week

So it's the Wednesday before the reading week begins (Feb 19-27th) and I've got a lot of projects on the go, one due before the break tomorrow and another due the Monday after the reading week. I've been working on a lot of texturing of the Maya models Michelle Chu has been creating for the Flint & Burt video game project for my 3P99 class. What is required of me is to go into Maya and unwrap the UV maps of the models that I've been assigned to texture. The UV maps are then exported from Maya as a .PNG and brought into Adobe Photoshop where the texture images are applied. When I first bring the UV map into Photoshop it looks something like this:

I then apply whatever chosen images I have to texture like leather, wood, and fabric to the desired places on the UV map. Each white outline shown corresponds to certain polygons on the surface of the Maya model. Once I have the desired textures places on the map, I save it as a .Targa file. I then go back into Autodesk Maya 2011 and apply the .Targa as a material to the appropriate model. The models I have textures so far have been: kitchen counter, coffee table, living room chair & couch, fan, dishwasher, fridge & dining room table. Below are some screenshots of the models:

So far I'm quite happy with home much I've picked up Autodesk Maya and using the UV texture editor & Photoshop together to texture the models I've been assigned. I will be taking on some modeling when we start on the final factory level of Flint & Burt, as well as texturing for those models so I will be showing them up here in the future.

In Donna's class I am currently working on a 'soundscape' of sounds that I've recorded in the past week. It is due for tomorrow and will be posted on here when it is finished.

In Duncan's class we've been assigned a video project in which we take one or more video styles or stereotypes and try to change them around or juxtapose them with another form. I've got a few ideas as to what I want to do, I was thinking a biking video in super slow motion, or a biking video in which only the run ups and landings of tricks are show rather than the tricks, which could be very frustrating for the viewer. I might shoot this with my Go Pro or I might use the Canon 60D...haven't decided yet.

In other news, I've been approached by my buddy Jake Vanderweyden to film his next web edit for biking. He's a ProAM BMX rider who's very talented and fun to be around. I've started shooting some video at Rizzi's Indoor Skatepark for a Spring edit I'd like to make. I'm going to start filming for Jake this weekend and see how long it takes to get enough footage for an edit. Really looking forward to the opportunity. I also had the chance to shoot some quick photos with my Canon 60D for the first time at Rizzi's. Considering I used no flash, manual focus and settings, and the lighting is terrible; I'm really happy with how some of the photo's turned out. Looking into getting a flash soon so I can start messing around with remote flash set-ups. Here are a few of the shots that turned out:



That's all for now!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This week I have a lot of stuff on the go. I have an 'abstraction of the everyday' video project for Donna's 3P10 class due on Thursday which is a 2-3 minute edit trying to evoke emotion and abstraction through Final Cut Express HD filters and editing tools. I will be posting it once it is finished later this week. I started by filming some things out and about as well as around the house and juxtaposing them with filters and quick editing changes in order to create a sense of anticipation. I'm sort of happy with what I got out of it:

The second project I have on the go is a 2-3 minute audio mash-up for Duncan's intermedia class. I started by taking some samples from the Clockwork Orange vinyl I have as well as messing with some recording samples of the Beatles and the Animals. I'm looking for some sort of war on terror or terrorism news recording that I can put in the background of the erie samples and dark tones of the movie soundtrack. This isn't due until next week so I will be posting it after the critique in Mondays class.

My friend Adam approached me this week with a quick project he wanted to do for a present to his girlfriend for Valentines Day. He proposed playing a live acoustic song for me to film with my Canon 60d and cut with some other backup music he has produced for the song. He wanted to do it somewhere outside and cold so we found a place South of Brock campus and took 3 quick takes as the weather was crazy cold and windy. The video turned out alright other than some unavoidable wind noise that is clearly heard in some parts of the song. Adam was very happy with it as he wanted it to be genuine and simple. I will post a video up once it's uploaded. It was my first experience using some basic colour correction in Final Cut Pro 7 as well as attempting to align and level the two audio tracks Adam provided me with. It could definitely be perfected a bit.

The last project on my agenda this week was becoming familiar with Autodesk Maya 2010 to UV unwrap some models for the Flint & Burt project, texture them in Photoshop and reapply them to models in Maya. I will be applying the textures tomorrow to make sure they work properly with the UV's I unwrapped. I will post some screenshots of some of the simple models I took on for texturing. I did some concept drawing and texture searching on the side this week as well.

Hopefully once I get through these projects I will have some time to work on personal stuff as I'd really like to get some photo series' going and maybe some video series' as well. I'd really like to test the capabilities of the Canon. Thats all for now!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Year 4, Semester 2. Finishing University!

So this posting marks the first for my second semester of my fourth and final year at Brock University. I just recently found out I was eligible to apply for graduation in June 2011 so I went ahead and did so! I'm in a few interesting courses this term, two of which really interest me. The first is a digital video production course with Donna Szoke a teacher I've had many times before, and the other is an 'intermedia' course with Duncan another art professor at school who I've dealt with in past years. Both of these courses should fair really well with using my new Canon 60d DSLR for shooting both video and photo.

I haven't been up to much since my last blog posting. Really excited about my new camera and using it for school and personal projects on the side. Really hoping to put together some usable pieces for my portfolio in order to spruce it up along with the website a little bit. I also got a Bamboo tablet over the break which I'm also excited to be playing with.

The only thing's I really have to post are a drawing I did on the tablet and two quick edits I made over the past weekend. The first edit is all test shots with the Canon 60d that I used to suffice for my first video project in 3P10 which required us to film using a few different camera techniques and angles. The second is a quick edit I made from the small amount of Go Pro footage Derek and I got on our annual road trip to Ray's Indoor MTB Park in Cleveland, OH. Check it out below:

I will be posting as much as I can this term although I will be very busy with school and stuff. Hopefully I can keep track of what I do as best as can on here.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

3P97 Portfolio Plan: Final Week Posting!

This week was focused on finishing up everything on the portfolio plan in order to be prepared for my presentation Monday, Dec 6th. I finalized all of the paperwork for the corporate package, including a resume, cover letter, and customized envelope to be handed into Jeff and Tobias at the start of presentations. I have a business card and sticker to hand out to everyone at the beginning of the presentation.

The website is now pretty much complete for this year, I won't be adding anything to it until the new year and the hip hop documentary I titled "Beats, Rhymes, & Life" is now live and up on the site as well as my newly edited, cut down portfolio reel that is quick and fast, and focuses more on my passions and abilities in sport video and photography.

New Portfolio Reel 2010

Portfolio Reel 2010 from Matt Cl on Vimeo.

Beats, Rhymes, & Life

Beats, Rhymes, & Life from Matt Cl on Vimeo.

The portfolio presentation will be happening tomorrow evening downtown St Catharines at NGen in the third floor theater. I'm hoping things go well and that it will give me a chance to practice presenting my work and website in a way that I can use in the future when applying or interviewing for jobs.

This is the last posting for IASC 3P97 as the class comes to a close for the Christmas holidays. It's been a very valuable class. Thanks NGen!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

3P97 Portfolio Plan: Week 8 & 9

The last few weeks of my portfolio plan have been dedicated to organizing everything on the website and in the corporate package for the presentation Dec 6th. Filming for the hip hop doc has finished and editing is almost done so it can be exported and added to the reel and website for the presentation. I had some draft business cards printed up by my step dad with a few stickers and such that I can handout at the presentation.

I'll have a new reel cut, based off the first potentially with a different tune to shorten it up to a minute or so. Tobias suggesting cutting a tune out of a song I saw suit fit in order to make that my own as well and shorten it up. I've been exploring this in Audacity with not a lot of luck, hopefully something comes of it! I want to keep the reel to a minute or under, with a detailed shot breakdown link available for viewers on the website.

As soon as the hip hop doc and new reel are up I will have links to them here. Really looking forward to the presentations and finishing up the corporate package and website so I can use it for reference to future portfolio updates.

For the presentation I'm going to use my website as a backbone as we are presenting in the Theater with a podium at NGen downtown. I'll begin with an introduction and showing the reel, and then go through more about myself and my goals as a freelancer and student and show more of my work individually, using the website to stay focused and on time. I will be using que cards for practice and maybe on the floor if I feel I need them to stay on time and focused. I don't want the presentation to run over 6 minutes, so I limit myself to only 5 minutes of time to introduce myself, and explain my work since the reel will run 1 minute of the presentation.

That's it for now!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Finally got my Go Pro HD Helmet Hero mountable camera in the mail, super stoked about it. The quality and size is amazing. I made a little cut from what I got out of the 2 days I tested it.

Can't wait to play around with it more and see what kind of stuff it's capable of. Keep in mind it's waterproof, shockproof and it shoots pretty crisp HD 480-1080!

3P97 Portfolio Plan: Week 7

This week my plan was quite simple. I finished up most of the filming for the documentary, the rest of which will be filmed next weekend and completed for editing and finalizing. My plan called for ordering my business cards but I've pushed this out a week in order to get some ideas from Tobias' presentation involving branding and proper layouts etc. I hope to finalize my card and have some copies printed at Staples.

I started brainstorming ideas for my updated reel. I have a few video segments from new video projects and the hip hop documentary that I would like to include, and I want to shorten it up to only a minute or just over in order to avoid a long daunting reel. I will incorporate the reel fully into the space on my homepage where the image of the sun and my logo appeared. It will auto-play but is controllable by clicking with the mouse. I imported the file onto my server and found an html source code for embedding a borderless controllable video player. It works quite well.

The last task on my list this week was to finalize the cover letter, I'm still having it edited by a few people I go to for writing advice so it's not quite finished this week, but will definitely be finished and printed next week, the corporate package is almost complete.

That's all for this week!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oh Holy Night Flyer

A few of my buddies are holding a benefit concert in Dorchester, ON over the Christmas holidays and asked me to help them sketch up a flyer that they can post up around town to promote the event. It's going to be a night of 5-6 bands playing at the Optimist Hall in town to promote awareness for mental health and issues surrounding mental health which have touched all within our community and group of friends in Dorchester. I spent about 2 hours total working on the flyer for them and they are really happy with it, so I'm stoked too! Here it is:

Monday, November 8, 2010

3P97 Portfolio Plan: Week 6

This week in my portfolio plan I had a few very simple tasks, purchasing my domain and server space for and make my website live. An continue filming for the hip hop documentary as well as beginning a draft for a resume cover letter for Pat Small at 3M Canada Media Arts.

Good news! The website is now LIVE! Check it out:

I was able to purchase the domain name '' for 3 years for only 30$. The server space was purchased through Execulink Telecom whom has been doing hosting for my step dad for years without problems. It costs about 18$ every 3 months, so less than 100$ a year. I'm really excited to get some updates going on the website in the near future to spiff it up a bit and get it ready for presentations in December. I was able to incorporate a 16 x 16 pixel mini logo which appears in the web browser address bar and on tabs in most browsers, it's a small 'm' part of the original logo on my website and blog etc.

The business card is now finalized since the domain has been purchased and locked down, it will remain the same as it was in the last blog posting if you want to get an idea of what it looks like.

Over the weekend I continued filming for the documentary with Hayden into the late hours of Sunday night. A long night of filming was just what was needed so we got a lot of the filming done so the last parts can be filmed next weekend and Adam and Hayden's new apartment (so long as the move goes well). I've begun uploading footage and trimming it down to the desired time line which I drew up last week.

That's it for this week!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

3P97 Portfolio Plan: Week 5

This week, my plan entailed continuation of filming for the hip hop documentary with Hayden and Adam which we did on Saturday and Sunday at Adam's apartment. I've been playing around with an old Black's tripod i acquired through family for the filming of the hip hop documentary and some biking stuff on the side and I'm really happy with how it's turned out, it's very smooth and has full 180 degree free rotation (up and down, side to side, adjustable at all angles) on fully rotational ball bearing pivot.

I began working on a storyboard for the editing and filming for the documentary, which Tobias and Jeff suggested was the best way to organize the short video in order to streamline the filming and editing process. It's coming together slowly, I will have photo's of it in the next posting as they will not be completed until later this week.

I realized my original business card that I made in Photoshop wasn't going to work if I wanted to print it properly. Tobias suggested I liven it up with the photo I used on my website in order to match up the identity a little better and I am definitely happy I did that. I redid the business card in Adobe Illustrator, see below. Tobias will be having an instructional period in class to teach us about some business card fundamentals so it will likely be drafted a few times before printing, but now it will be able to properly print in high resolution at Staples. I will be putting the order through once the domain is purchased which is on the agenda for next week.

That's about all for this week, on a side note I put an order through on a GoPro HD Helmet Hero, it's a crazy mountable mini camera that shoots in all resolutions of HD up to 1080! I bought this with intentions to use for biking videos. Really excited to get it and start playing with it. I'll embed a sample video below so you can get an idea just what I'm talking about. The quality is exceptional and it shoots straight on to SD cards in HD. See for yourself:


That's all for this week!